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Questioning faith in the parsha

Binnie Kirshenbaum

Featured writing for Chayei Sarah: “Who Knows Kaddish”
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Binnie Kirshenbaum is the author of two short story collections and six novels. She is a professor of fiction writing at the Columbia University Graduate School of the Arts and lives with her husband in New York City.

“Binnie Kirshenbaum is a rare and remarkable writer.” — Michael Cunningham

“…the younger sister of Philip Roth….” — Carlin Romano

“A tremendous talent. Her novels are sexy, intelligent, complex, and provocative; they press against your heart the way old lovers do.” — Junot Diaz

“…Kirshenbaum, the prolific writer of novels and stories written with wit and serious moral concern…is a presence to be reckoned with. One of her charms is that vestigial ladylike manner of a young woman who deports herself properly, aims for grace….(A) novelist of enormous cultural reach….the voice of a writer, known, or on the endless journey to knowing herself.” — Maureen Howard

“Not many young female novelists can deal with sex, the appetite for it, and the loss of such appetite, with such candor, lack of self-protection, and humor as Binnie Kirshenbaum.” — Norman Mailer

“Just when you think it is safe to laugh, she turns the tables on you. The funnier her books get, the more poignant they are.” — Tova Mirvis

“This author (Kirshenbaum) is indeed a humorist, even a comedian, a sort of stand-up tragic.” — Richard Howard

“For years, Binnie Kirshenbaum has quietly been one of the funniest and smartest writers we have in the U.S…. her books have razor sharp teeth and surprising depths.” — Jessa Crispin

“….a novelist who gracefully defies classification” — Richard Ford


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