Larchmont Temple Chevra Torah

Questioning faith in the parsha

the name

before he’d learned words he had known the name

a resonant pure sound in the rising babble//

he remembered in his mouth

the taste of it//

like an emptiness about to be filled//

the trees had spelled it branch by branch

birds kept repeating it as though trying it out//

one to the other insects were relaying it

and in the house through the rooms//

down past the stairs

his mother was always sweeping it away//

his father claimed never to have heard it

or seen it or come anywhere near it//

and he without words to praise or to blame

went scratching in the leaves for it//

all piled around the house//

and there were crumbs like letters

in the corners of every mouth//

in the corners of every room//

and everywhere the feel of it

present like an animal smell



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