Larchmont Temple Chevra Torah

Questioning faith in the parsha

“The Neighbors” by Bruce Jay Friedman

Parashah Kedoshim

An excerpt fro the story by Bruce Jay Friedman – for the full story, come to chevra!

Lang had always felt that the way to solve the neighbor problem was simply to thrust yourself into the day’s activities, to go about your business and ignore the new fellow and his unpleasantness. But Gionfriddo was no ordinary neighbor. Lang could sense his presence. Although he could not look out and see him, he was aware of his movements, could almost smell him. Lang actually made a physical effort to shut the other man out of his consciousness, biting down on his gums and clamping shut his eyes; but it was as though the other man had a way of sending a sentry-like finger through Lang’s defenses, to steal beneath his tee shirt, to press upon his chest.

The morning Gionfriddo moved in, Lang had felt a thrumming begin around his neck and for the first time was stifled and wanted to move. He knew that was impossible, that it would not solve the problem anyway. What if he moved next to someone worse than Gionfriddo, worse than ten Gionfriddos. The trouble was all inside his own head and had to be worked out there.


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