Larchmont Temple Chevra Torah

Questioning faith in the parsha

The Four Questions by Allegra Goodman

Shabbat Pesach

excerpted fromKaterskill Falls by Allegra Goodman  – for the full story, come to Chevra! 

Ed is sitting in his mother-in-law Estelle’s gleaming kitchen. “Is it coming in on time?” Estelle asks him. He is calling to check on Yehudit’s flight from San Francisco.

 “It’s still ringing,” Ed says. He sits on one of the swivel chairs and twists the telephone cord through his fingers. One wall of the kitchen is papered in a yellow-and-brown daisy pattern, the daisies as big as Ed’s hand. The window shade has the same pattern on it. Ed’s in-laws live in a 1954 ranch house with all the original period details. Nearly every year since their wedding, he and Sarah have come out to Long Island for Passover, and the house has stayed the same. The front bathroom is papered, even on the ceiling, in brown with white and yellow flowers, and there is a double shower curtain over the tub, the outer curtain held back with brass chains. The front bedroom, Sarah’s old room, has a blue carpet, organdy curtains, and white furniture, including a kidney-shaped vanity table. There is a creaky trundle bed to wheel out from under Sarah’s bed, and Ed always sleeps there, a step below Sarah.


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