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About Amichai’s poetry

“Open Closed Open”, published in Israel in 1998 and in English translation in 2000, has been described as Amichai’s magnum opus. The sequence of twenty-five poems was characterized in Publishers Weekly as “a searching late book from a writer who acknowledges the high stakes of writing and of life as lived daily.”

Open Closed Open, translated with great skill and expertise by Chana Bloch and Chana Kronfeld, is the fruit of a decade’s labor, and in it Amichai satisfying repeats and advances his characteristic method of converting ordinary daily experience into the extraordinary via the power of his transforming resemblances, and of rendering the extraordinary — larger than life biblical figures, for example — as ‘ordinary’ in the sense of highlighting their common, human frailties . . . His poems have a veteran’s weariness but a lover’s energy. He should have won the Nobel Prize in any one of the last twenty years.” — Jonathan Wilson, The New York Times

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Read his poem “If I forget thee, Jerusalem”


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