Larchmont Temple Chevra Torah

Questioning faith in the parsha

Moses, by Sholem Asch

Parasah: Ki Tisa ———–For the full story, come to the chevra table this Shabbat.

And the man Moses vanished, and was not.

Dazed, like sheep that had lost their shepherd, the Israelites wandered about the encampment staring dumbly at each other. Fear sat in their eyes. One thought obsessed all of them, though they did not dare to give it utterance.

“Did Moses not warn us not to come to the mountain—neither we nor even our cattle—lest we be utterly consumed? What, then, is to become of us? Who will lead us on our way from now on? Who will defeat our enemies? Joshua went with Moses, and he too has vanished. Yes, he left us Aaron and Hur and bade us go to them in case of need. But we do not see Aaron about, and we have no word of him. He sits in his tent, with his two sons, the priests, and they take counsel about something. As for the elders of Israel, they are new men, the people do not know them yet. And even Korah seems to be in hiding somewhere, and shows himself not in the encampment.

“Is YHVH still among us? Is He still in the camp? From Him, too, no sign, no word now. Perhaps He has withdrawn into His heavens; perhaps He is hidden on Mount Sinai.


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