Larchmont Temple Chevra Torah

Questioning faith in the parsha

Describing God

Thank you, Irv, for giving me a glimpse into what today’s discussion was about.  I was going to post a comment to Michael’s  note last week — I was particularly touched by his last lines:

….the warrior God, the God of the Covenant, seems to be a different God from the God who silences the jubilant angels – the God whose place is not this world, who cannot even be reached, and who yet is the light by which we may see, as we go on journeying.

 which made me think about the adjectives I would use for God. So it seems today’s discussion continued the theme….

I, too, have problems with the concept of God as vengeful or fearsome. But I also have problems with God as kind, gentle, caring, or forgiving. For me, Irv’s “stingy” comes closer — but the word I’d probably use would be indifferent.

Why indifferent? Because I can’t see God as paying attention to the daily events of a single person, or all humanity as a whole. Rather, God set this world in motion — now it’s up to us to determine how God’s work turns out.


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