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Questioning faith in the parsha

Irv: Joseph/Miller parallel

Irv Zuckerman wrote….

What more appropriate way to start this blog but with the Parsha dealing with Joseph and his father and a who-are-we story by Arthur Miller. What a parallel! Jacob used Joseph in a number of ways — one that almost got him killed. Isadore used Arthur in a number of . Since he himself was illiterate, he wanted to deny Arthur an education. Both sons wound up rejecting their Jewishness.

Joseph had his ‘revenge’ by the way he treated his brothers. Arthur Miller had his revenge by mastering the written word. In the end, both men wound up supporting their fathers. And both men wound up wondering who they really were.

Like tying a parcel, peeling an apple or potato was another Jewish specialty. The good cook prided herself on being able to produce one long peel as opposed to the short, stabbing strokes of her Gentile counterpart. Unhappily, searching for hidden Jews, the Gestapo learned to look at the garbage …


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