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Questioning faith in the parsha

No’ach 5771: REMEZ

Ch6, V 11: The earth became corrupt before God; the earth was filled with lawlessness.

RASHI: “VaTiSHaCHeT” — that is the language of sexual immorality… “ChaMaS,the word means robbery, though in other forms, it is simply injustice.

SARNA: The universal corruption is further defined as “chamas.” This term parallels “no justice” in Job. 19:7, and is elsewhere the syonym of falsehood, deceit and bloodshed.

IBN EZRA: “lifnei HaElohim” –that is, they gtransgressed brazenly like a servant who defiantly sins in the presence of his master and is not afraid. Chamas is taking by force, in this case, wives.

HERTZ: “Chamas” — Ruthless outrage of the rights of the weak by the strong.

WOMEN’S COMMENTARY: In the Babylonian flood stories, the gods are angry at humankind because people have become a nuisance, disturbing the peace. Genesis, instead, makes unchecked human violence the reason for God’s drastic action of wiping out all living creatures — returning the world to primeval chaos.


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